The Ultimate Guide for What to Wear Zip Lining

Is this your first-time zip lining and you’re not sure what to wear? You are not alone – we get that question all the time! Continue reading if you are looking for our expert guide tips on what to wear on a ziplining adventure in Colorado.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

You will be outside for the entirety of the tour, so keep that in mind. Keep an eye on the skies before your trip and dress appropriately. Here in Colorado, the weather can change rapidly. Your zip guides usually apply sunscreen or wear thin long sleeves even if it looks cloudy at the start of the trip because there’s a good chance the sun will still come out. A rain jacket can be handy even if you do not need it.

Recommended Clothing for Ziplining  

Colorado Adventure Center recommends wearing something that you are comfortable moving around in since you will be going upstairs and walking on a trail. Athletic clothes are great but comfortable jeans work as well. Skirts or dresses are not ideal because the full body harness we use to zip goes around your legs. 

Safe Shoes for Ziplining  

For footwear, closed-toed shoes are required and flip flops, sandals, or chacos are not allowed. Tennis shoes or hiking shoes are your best bet. Make sure you wear something that will stay on your feet!! You don’t want to drop a shoe while zipping.

Hair and Accessories 

You will be wearing a helmet and it can be comfortable to wear a hat or a hair wrap under it to avoid a funny hairstyle afterward. For participants with long hair, we recommend putting it up in a low pony or braids, so it doesn’t get caught in the harness straps.

We also recommend against wearing long earrings and big dangling necklaces or bracelets that could get in the way of your fun. Because we wear leather gloves, however, we have not seen any issues with long nails or rings. 

Schedule Your Ziplining Adventure in Colorado Now!

That’s the gist of what you want to wear while zip lining. The key is to dress for safety, movement, and the elements and you’ll have a great time on our course. Visit our ziplining FAQ page to learn more and schedule your trip with Colorado Adventure Center!