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The Best Ziplining in Colorado

The Colorado Rocky Mountains are world famous for their views and excellent outdoor activities. But up there with skiing, hiking, and rafting is the thrill of a zipline.

Bold adventurers have the opportunity to soar through the sky at heights that will make their heads spin, and they’ll get amazing views of mountain peaks, alpine forests, and raging rapids.

Have you ever been ziplining before? We’re going to help you find the best ziplining in Colorado, but we’re also going to tell you everything else you need to know to make the most of this adrenaline-fueled activity.

Best Ziplining In Colorado

What Is Ziplining?

Before figuring out the best ziplining in Colorado, let’s cover what the activity actually is. Here’s a basic definition:

Ziplining is an adrenaline rush of an outdoor activity where you will soar through the air while connected to a suspended cable.

Since it can be done through rough and rugged terrain, it’s one of the best ways to take in some natural beauty. Your perspective on the nature around you is totally different from how you would see it if you were hiking, skiing, rock climbing, or doing any other similar sport.

Zipline courses can be everything from one cable to a whole series connected together into a pre-planned route. They can also include other challenges, such as climbing, rappelling, or rope bridges. In other words, it can range from totally relaxing to a gruelling workout – depending on where you go.

Make sure to think about your physical condition and how much work you are willing to put into it before signing up for a zipline that has a lot of obstacles to cover.

Best Ziplines In Colorado

Colorado is a big and beautiful state, but that also means that driving from one place to another can take up a lot of time. So, the best ziplines in Colorado can often be the ones that are closest to your location.

Because of this, we chose to put our zipline courses in Idaho Springs, CO, which is a short drive from both Denver and popular resorts, such as Breckenridge and Vail.

Idaho Springs is a picturesque mountain town complete with trees, cliffs, rapids, and views. In other words, the perfect place to hit a zipline.

We offer two different courses:

Clear Creek 8-Line Zipline

This is one of the longest, highest, and most exciting zip line tours you can find in Colorado. You’ll have the chance to zip across 8 lines from 65’ high towers (and the longest is 1,200 feet long). If that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, nothing will!

Book tickets, or get more info here.

Happy Hour 5-Line Zipline

Do you want the same rush, but you also want a little bit more of an expresss version? Then this is the course for you! 5 lines, 65’ high, and zooming over rapids. That sums it up!

Book tickets, or get more info here.

When Is Zipline Season In Colorado

You’re definitely ready to soar, but when is the best time to zipline in Colorado? The Centennial State is famous for mild but unpredictable weather. Because of that, you can usually zoom through the sky between late spring to the beginning of fall, but you’ll have to check the weather on the hour of the day you’re hoping to go.

The good news is that fast-changing weather usually give you more options. If you wake up to a rainy day, the skies might have cleared by the time you want to climb the towers.

That being said, we recommend choosing a zipline that is fairly convenient to get to, just in case the weather changes. That’s why we’re in Idaho Springs. There are plenty of other activities here, even if ziplining doesn’t work that day.

Best Zip line In Denver Colorado

What To Look For In A Zipline

If you’re going on a ziplining, there are a few things you specifically should look for before choosing one:

  • Safety
  • Scenery
  • Length/Speed
  • Combo Activities

Let’s dive into each of those.


Without a doubt, safety should top the list of priorities when choosing ziplines. It is in incredibly safe activity when everything is done correctly, but you need to make sure it is, in fact, done correctly.

There are some pretty easy ways to figure this out. Do an internet search on the company to make sure it doesn’t have any bad reviews. Ask about any certifications the course has, and find out how the guides are trained. Even ask how often the equipment is maintained and inspected.

Most of all, trust your instincts. Evaluate the situation when you arrive, and don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


If you’re going to be soaring from great heights, you want a good view! A lot of this depends on the geographic location (a flat, desolate area just won’t be as pretty as a scenic mountain pass). But if you’re choosing from the best ziplines in Colorado, definitely consider the view.


Ziplines can be everything from one cable to a whole course. When thinking about the length, make sure to factor in the number of lines you’ll go on – not just the distance.

Speed also plays a big part. Decide whether you’re looking for:

  • The fastest zipline in Colorado
  • A more relaxed experience

Expecting one and going on the opposite is a rough experience!

Combo Activities

Zipline operators often batch them together with other activities (for example, we also have an aerial park and rafting trips). Not only does this allow you to save time by only having to go to one place, you can also usually get discounts for buying a package.

How Much Is Ziplining In Colorado

How much is ziplining in Colorado depends on a lot of different factors. Our zipline courses are charged a fixed fee per person (you can see the current rates here).

But we recommend being cautious about anyone specifically advertising themselves about cheap zip lining in Colorado. It’s a very safe activity when everything is properly maintained, but you want to make sure they don’t cut costs when it comes to safety.

Cheap Zip lining In Colorado

Combo Deals Are Great For Cheap Ziplining In Colorado

If you are searching for a more budget friendly option, also consider a combination deal. We offer packages combined with rafting or our sky park that help your money go much further!

We Hope To See You Soon!

Weather you want to soar through the sky in some of the best ziplining in Colorado or fly through the rapids on Clear Creek, we would love to welcome you on any of our trips at Colorado Adventure Center.

Please get in touch if you need any advice or assistance on which trip is best for you.

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