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The Best Ropes Course in Colorado

In a state famous for its high altitude, thrill seekers can take that a step further by visiting the best ropes course in Colorado. Whether you’re a master of heights or a first-time adventurer, an aerial park will get your adrenaline pumping to a whole new level.

You can get a physical challenge while taking in stunning views, and you’ll see nature from a perspective completely different from what you’re used to.

Are you ready to put your balance, strength, agility, and courage to the test?

Ziplining And Aerial Parks In Colorado

What Is An Aerial Park?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, are you familiar with the concept of aerial parks? They’re also often called ropes courses, and they are a series of obstacles built high up in the trees.

They usually have a series of different platforms that are connected with things like:

  • Rope bridges
  • Tight ropes
  • Ziplines
  • And other adventurous contraptions

This may sound dangerous, but you will be connected with a harness the entire time to keep you safe. In other words, you can still fall, but something will catch you!

These parks are usually designed in a way that all different skill levels can take part. You don’t have to be a master athlete or experienced climber, and that makes them a great activity for families and groups.

Difference Between Aerial Parks and Ziplines

In case you’re getting confused, let’s talk about the difference between aerial parks and ziplines. One easy way to remember it is that aerial parks often have ziplines in them.

A zipline is essentially a cable strung between two points, and the starting point is higher up than the end. Someone using one will put on a harness, and then gravity will carry them down to the other end. They can be at any height, but they are often done high off the ground to add to the excitement. And, in our opinion, all the good ziplines come with beautiful views attached.

An aerial park is basically a series of platforms (often connected to trees) that are connect by various obstacles and other methods. They may have:

  • Rope bridges
  • Ziplines
  • Swinging ropes
  • Tight ropes
  • Other creative and challenging obstacles

The reason they are often combined is that it’s very logical to build a zipline into a ropes course. But, there are also zipline courses in which there are multiple different cables connected – not just a single ride.

Overall, the big excitement about a zipline is how fast and far you go, and an aerial park is about making it through a lot of obstacles.

Ziplining Colorado

Ziplining And Aerial Parks In Colorado

Wether you’re looking for a zipline or the best ropes course in Colorado, you’ve come to the right state! Between steep mountains, beautiful forests, and raging rapids, there are amazing opportunities to have either experience in the perfect outdoor setting.

There are plenty of ziplining and aerial parks in Colorado, so we’ll go over what to look for when choosing each one of those.

Best Ropes Course in Colorado

We may be a little biased, but we think that our Sky Trek is the best ropes course in Colorado. Why? Here are a few reasons:

It’s located in Idaho Springs, which makes it easy to get to from Denver (a little more than a half an hour drive). It’s also conveniently close to Vail Valley, Winter Park, and a lot of other towns in Summit County.

It has more than 60 challenging obstacles, elements, and ziplines. That’s a lot of different adventures to get through!

It has multiple routes. Depending on your age and skill level, we want you to have an achievable and enjoyable experience.

The views are amazing. It’s situated in a historic Gold Rush town in the Rocky Mountains. That’s all we really need to say there!

Best Zip Lines in Colorado

If you’re looking for a pure zip line experience, we have you covered there, too! Our two courses are among the best zip lines in Colorado:

Clear Creek 8-Line Zip Line

This is one of the highest and longest high-tower zip lines in Colorado. It has 8 separate lines that travel for almost a mile of travel thrills.

Get more info here.

Happy Hour 5-Line Zip Line

Do you want the same rush, but in a little bit shorter version? You’ll still go to 65’ high on this one, but you’ll only go through 5 lines.

Get more info here.

How to Chose An Aerial Park

When trying to choose the best ropes course in Colorado, here are three areas you should focus on:

  • Safety
  • Location
  • Difficulty and Obstacles


Safety should always be the first thing you think about for an aerial park. They are very safe when properly built, maintained, and run by capable guides. Do an internet search before going, ask them about certifications and training for their guides, and trust your instincts when visiting.


Location has two factors to focus on:

  1. Distance from you
  2. The setting of the course

In a large state like Colorado, you don’t want to spend all day just trying to get there. Search for a course within a reasonable drive from where you are.

Next, make sure the scenery is worth it! You’ll be high up in trees, so go somewhere that has a beautiful view.

Difficulty and Obstacles

Also make sure to consider how challenging of an experience you want. Families with children will want to make sure they have easier options, and experienced climbers should be looking for a challenge.

Denver Ropes Course

Combining With Other Adventures

Another great way to really stretch your adventure is to combine it with another activity. We offer combo trips where you can pair your treetop experience with a white water rafting trip.

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