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Colorado Whitewater Rafting Adventures

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Youth Group Activities

In search of fun, exciting, team building and/or leadership-developing youth group activities in Colorado? Our state offers some wonderful youth group activities, but none more perfect than river rafting. River rafting is an ideal Colorado youth group activity for pre-teens, early teens and late teens alike.


Looking For Youth Group Activities in Colorado To Excite and Engage the Whole Group?

Look no further! Colorado Adventure Center offers a wide variety of river rafting adventures on the best rivers, with choices appropriate for all skill levels from beginners to experienced river rafters. And all of our rafting youth group activities in Colorado are fun – and safe — for all ages.

Rafting is one of the few youth group activities that will effortlessly get kids off the couch, and away from their computers, TVs, video games, cell phones and i-pods. Rafting will get them up and active, out in nature, breathing fresh air, connecting with each other and appreciating the natural beauty of their surroundings while having the time of their lives.

Boy Scouts Group rafting whitewater in ColoradoTeam Building and Leadership Skills

Rafting is also among the youth group activities in Colorado that are natural, almost effortless team builders. When you take six people, put them in a boat and ask them to paddle together with the common goal of getting safely and skillfully down a river, this naturally requires team work, forges bonds, and engenders strong group feelings — all in a completely natural and organic way that the kids don’t even notice because they are having so much fun and are so exhilarated by the adventure.

Rafting is also a great youth group activity for Colorado organizations looking for opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills as these tend to naturally emerge in the face of whitewater rafting challenges.

How many youth group activities for Colorado residents or visitors provide all these benefits and more while giving kids the opportunity to use their brains and bodies and get out in the beautiful Colorado mountains, breathing fresh air and having the time of their lives?

Girls soft ball group rafting whitewater in ColoradoChurch Youth Group Activities for Colorado Congregations and Visitors

Rafting is also a great youth group activity for church and other religion-based youth groups. Being on a river offers youth the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature – of God’s creation – and to connect with the deeper, inner, spiritual side of life. The Colorado mountains and rivers offer so many breathtaking views and breathtaking moments that it’s no wonder the Colorado Rockies are often referred to as “God’s country.”

The Best Youth Group Activities in Colorado — River Rafting!

We have river rafting trips for all ages and all abilities, from timid beginners to the more adventurousness and trips that balance both. River rafting adventures are perfect youth group activities for all ages, all skill levels and all trip length preferences including full-day half-day and multi-day rafting adventures on four incredible Colorado Rivers, including

  • Clear Creek – only 35 minutes from Denver, all Clear Creek rafting trips meet in the fun and interesting mountain town of Idaho Springs. Idaho Springs is a fun town to visit and allows us to offer some fun combination trips in addition to our rafting choices. Offered from late spring through late August, our Clear Creek rafting options include:
  • Half -day Rafting on Clear Creekbeginner, intermediate or advanced trips available
All rafting trips include: rafts, helmets, personal flotation device, basic instruction and a professional and a highly-skilled river rafting guide in each boat.

Other Rafting Adventures for Youth Group Activities in Colorado include:

  • The Blue River – A gorgeous high-country river trip with breathtaking scenery of some of Colorado’s highest mountain peaks. (About 1.25 hours from Denver).
  • Arkansas River Rafting – Experience the thrill and excitement of rafting the most popular commercial river in the U.S. (About 2.5 hours from Denver)
  • Colorado River – Meet at our Glenwood Springs office about 2.5 hours from Denver. The Colorado River is one of the classic rivers in the United States, starting high in the Rockies, and eventually flowing through the Grand Canyon. Our Colorado River trips include some great mountain and canyon scenery, wildlife viewings and more. Click here to view our Colorado River rafting trip options.
For more information about our youth group activities and Colorado river rafting trips, call us today and we’ll help you plan a memorable youth group rafting adventure today!

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