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Colorado Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Rafting Rentals

At the Colorado Adventure Center, we stock whitewater gear that helps you stay warm and comfortable on our raft and kayak trips.

Rafting Trip Rentals

Cold-blooded? No worries! We offer whitewater rafting equipment designed to keep you warm and happy from head to toe on our Colorado raft and kayak trips.

Rafting Trip Rentals Fee
Wetsuit for Rafting & Kayaking $ 6
Booties for Rafting & Kayaking $ 4
Splash Jackets for Rafting & Kayaking $ 5
Gloves for Rafting & Kayaking $ 3
Performance Package for Rafting & Kayaking: includes wetsuit, booties and splash jacket $11
High Performance Package for Rafting & Kayaking: includes wetsuit, booties, splash jacket and gloves $13

Wetsuits — Put ’em on over your bathing suit and peel them off like a banana. Our farmer-john-style wetsuits come in youth and adult sizes to keep people of all ages warm on our Colorado whitewater rafting adventures.

Cost – $6.00

White water rafting wet suits

Booties — Our neoprene (wetsuit material) booties come in youth and adult sizes to help keep your toes toasty. There’s no need for socks when wearing booties on whitewater rafting trips.

Cost – $4.00

white water rafting booties

Splash Jackets — It’s like a rain jacket made for whitewater rafting. With Velcro closures at the neck and wrists, these tops will help keep the splashes off your shoulders.

Cost – $5.00

whitewater rafting splash top

Gloves — These special river rafting gloves are made of neoprene wetsuit material. You’ll have no reason not to paddle hard on your next rafting adventure.

Cost – $ 3.00

whitewater rafting gloves

Performance Package — Save over 10% when you rent a wetsuit, booties and splash top for your whitewater rafting trip.

Cost – $11.00


river rafting wet suit+river rafting booties+river rafting splash top

High Performance Package — Save 15-20% when you opt for the entire outfit. It’s like you were made to be whitewater rafting.

Cost – $13.00

river wet suit+river shoes+river splash top+river gloves

Personal flotation devices (PFDs) and helmets are included with all rafting and kayaking adventures.

For information on preparing for your next Colorado whitewater adventure, visit our What to Bring page, which details what to wear and what to bring rafting. See our Private Boaters page for information on renting rafts and frames, raft repair and more!

Rafting Meals

We make meals fit for adventurers, and though lunch is only included on full-day whitewater rafting trips and our combo packages, you can pre-order lunch at the time of your reservation for either before or after your trip!

Add a meal to your rafting adventure! Price/person
Fresh Grilled Lunch for 1/2 day trips: choose from burger, chicken or veggie wrap (Glenwood Springs)        $14
Riverside Lunch: includes a sandwich, water, fruit, cookie and chips (Idaho Springs / Dumont)        $10

If you have questions, contact our friendly staff, they’re happy to give you the information you need to get ready for your next Colorado whitewater rafting adventure. 877-ZIP-RAFT

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