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Colorado Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Private Boaters

Colorado whitewater rafting is an amazing activity, so it’s no surprise that Colorado is home to many private boaters who spend their spare time rafting and kayaking our great rivers. Even if you’re new to Colorado white water rafting, this page is an excellent resource for information on buying and renting whitewater rafts, repairing rafts, whitewater rafting instructional courses, whitewater gear and more.

Private boaters interested in whitewater rafting instruction should view the Jobs Page for details on the river guide certification program. The course includes knot-tying, boat rigging, guiding skills, safety/rescue techniques, and more. It is open to those seeking employment as Colorado white water rafting guides as well as private boaters alike.

Check back often for Colorado rafting updates. In the meantime, read more about Colorado’s great rivers — Colorado River, Arkansas River, Blue River, and Clear Creek — as well as all the other activities offered at the Colorado Adventure Center: biking, kayaking, horseback riding and fishing.

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Rafting Basecamp Locations