The Colorado Adventure Center is a well established whitewater rafting and aerial adventure company located in Idaho Springs. We are one of the largest whitewater rafting outfitters in the state and take great pride in providing the best whitewater rafting experiences possible for our guests. Our fabulous aerial adventures include a Zip Line operation and Sky Trek Adventure Park and provide hours of thrills and adventure for thousands of guests each year.

Our emphasis at the Colorado Adventure Center is on providing exceptional customer service, caring about guests, and taking good care of our employees while offering an unforgettable experience. We are very lucky to be operating in Colorado and able to feature the many wonders of this very special place we call home.

We have many opportunities for employment at the Colorado Adventure Center. Consider training as a whitewater raft guide, zip line guide, aerial adventure park guide, or as reservationists and guest service. We encourage cross training and pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide each guest as well as fulfillment in the workplace. Check out our positions below and apply today to join our team of adventurers!

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The Details


OUR MISSION: To create authentic outdoor experiences for everyone.

Join our team in Idaho Springs, CO to help us redefine the outdoor guiding industry for a new generation, and work with a team of professionals that serve over 35,000 adventure seekers every summer.

OUR VALUES: Maintaining Safety, Providing Service, Establishing Community, & Showing Love.

    • Safety is the reason for our existence, anyone can seek adventure, to be guided is to seek it safely.
    • Service is our guiding light, to selflessly serve others is how we reward ourselves.
    • Community makes our lives whole, being a part of the bigger picture is our base motivation.
    • Love for our sport is shared openly to help everyone find new outdoor passions.

Dedication, Initiative, Communication, Teamwork, Character, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Safety


“I was surrounded by people I loved, in a place that I loved, doing what I loved. CAC holds a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to get back to it.”
Aubrey, Raft Guide

“This past summer was my first season at Colorado Adventure Center as a zip guide, and I absolutely love it! I have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world and make their time in Colorado memorable, all while getting to zipline alongside some amazing co-guides!”
Jessica, Aerial Guide

“CAC is not just a fun and exciting workplace, it is a family built of amazing, wonderful people and opportunities.”
Kaylee, Raft Guide & Guest Service

“I have worked outside since I was 14 and couldn’t imagine ever working at a desk, my heart was drawn to adventure. My work at the Colorado Adventure Center is so rewarding! I get to run the river, zip through the sky, help others achieve their goals, and I even enjoy working at my desk! Our staff mean the world to me, and I trust them with my life and the lives of others every day.”
Seth, General Manager


We build relationships-

    • to ourselves is deepened as we explore new challenges, achievements, and emotions.
    • to others is expanded as we meet new peers, strangers, and friends.
    • to our environment is strengthened as we learn new lessons, have new experiences, and reflect upon our connection to this world.
    • to adventure, it’s our common bond.



    • Intensive 2-week course with just 2 days off
    • swift water rescue
    • paddle rafting skills
    • Instructor on boat through entire training
    • Led by our GM, Seth, with 20 years of guiding/instruction experience
    • Our CPR/First Aid & Swiftwater Instructors provide medical, rescue requirements for guide positions


    • Must be over 18 years of age, be reasonably fit, have full body dexterity, and full range of motion. Must have basic swimming ability without fear of water.
    • Must register and arrange payment to secure seat in class.
    • Provided wetsuit, booties, splash jacket, and personal flotation device (PFD, or lifejacket) during class. Personal gear is recommended and evaluated for approval.
    • After training class, guides can purchase various gear such as a type III (minimum) lifejacket, a knife, whistle, cold weather gear (wetsuit or equivalent), a throw bag, dry bag, and personal cam-straps (purchases may be made through pro deals).
    • Even though we hire most or all of our new guides from the training course, we’d like to emphasize that you are not guaranteed a job after the class is over.

*Fees may be waived for prior experience, training, or certification submitted prior to class. Repayment program for cost of training is available and based on successful completion of class and work throughout 2022 season. Scholarships, Internships available for students attending a Colorado university majoring in Adventure Education, Outdoor Industry, and related fields.

Our 2022 Classes, Date, and Fees

Swift Water Rescue 4 (SR4) – May 4th-6th, 23rd-25th – $225
The Swiftwater Rescue workshop teaches recognition and avoidance of common river hazards, execution of self-rescue techniques, and rescue techniques for paddlers in distress. You will learn:
-personal safety

    • simple, commonly used skills
    • advanced techniques for greater risks
    • strainers
    • rescue vest applications
    • flips, entrapments, and pins
    • prevention
      *This class has availability limited to potential new raft guides looking to work for the summer season.

*This class has availability limited to potential new raft guides looking to work for the summer season.

River Guide Training (RGT) – May 8th-12th – $425

Our Clear Creek River raft guide training classes are offered to individuals that are driven to succeed, attentive and aware, and safety conscious. This class will start to prepare you to guide paddle raft tours on the technical, narrow Clear Creek River. You will learn:

    • to set up and equip for full days on the river
    • to assess risks in the river environment
    • to read and run the river as a team
    • to instruct and direct paddlers
    • to prevent and respond to emergencies
    • to swim and self-rescue in rapids

*This class has availability limited to potential new raft guides looking to work for the summer season.

Instructor Ride-Along’s (IRA) – May 14th-18th – No Cost
The instructor ride-along consists of boat trips mixed with guests, guides, trainees, and instructors. Trip capacity is maximized for Instructor to trainee ratio and meeting all requirements for state of Colorado river guide qualification for all trainees.

Upon successful completion (full attendance is required) of raft training program or approved equivalent, trainees will qualify for hire for the 2022 season. CPR classes available as needed with $50 fee.


Aerial & Guest Service: April 15th – October 15th, Peak season June 15th – August 15th
Rafting: May 15th – September 15th, Peak season June 15th – August 15th

Part-time work may be available during peak season, however work-hour priority is given to full time staff. Tour hours are reservation dependent, hours fluctuate through season, impacted by your availability.

Weekend and Holiday availability is required for all positions

The guest service team creates the framework of the guest experience. The team provides online and phone reservation sales to quality guests for our activity teams to serve. The team is the first and last to interact with our guests on their visit. This team provides for our base needs and ensures the guests are well informed and prepared for their activity. Team training is provided at start of position, or cross training from activity department.

The aerial team creates high flying, smooth landing experiences for our guests seeking adventures up in the air. The team provides step by step movements for guests to speed across zip lines and climb across obstacles. This team ensures at height safety, friendly interactions, and unforgettable experiences.

The rafting team creates family focused, rough river paddling experiences for our guests seeking adventure on the water. The team provides step by step instruction for guests to push their boat across varied sections of the Clear Creek River. This team ensures on-river safety, epic stories, and soaking wet splashes.

Colorado Adventure Center staff positions earn $15 per hour minimum up to $23.50 per hour maximum. Bonus structures vary by department and may earn $100-$1,000 per year.

CDL Drivers – Start 5/1, Ends 9/15 – $18-23.50/hour, Click for full job listing

    • Provides timely transportation of guests, staff, and equipment to and from base.
    • Ensures proper fueling, tire pressure, and fluids of vehicles are performed and documented daily.

Sales & Service Representatives – Start 5/1, Ends 9/15 – $15-20.50/hour, Click for full job listing

    • Sells adventure tours online and over the phone by informing and guiding guest purchases.
    • Provides on-site check ins for guest arrivals by welcoming, informing, and directing guests to their adventures.

Aerial & Zip Tour Guides – Start 5/1, Ends 10/15 – $15-21.25/hour, Click for full job listing

    • Provides safe and quality aerial park and zip line tours for guests through constant monitoring, detailed instruction, and appropriate prevention and intervention.
    • Assists team in inspection of courses and equipment, preparation for tours, equipping guests, and documentation of work performed.

Raft Guides & Boathouse Assistants – Start 5/14, Ends 9/15 – $15-21.25/hour, Click for full job listing

    • Provides safe and quality river tours for guests through constant monitoring, detailed instruction, and appropriate prevention and intervention.
    • Assists boathouse team in inspection and set up of equipment, preparation for tours, shuttle van driving, equipping guests, and documentation of work performed.

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