Best Team Building Activities near Denver

We all know that team-building activities help our organizations generally…but how exactly does it help?  Here are a few important ways that outside of the office team building can help your team:

Benefits of Corporate Outings

  • Feelings of workplace isolation reduces productivity by up to 21%  and team building is the best way to reduce workplace isolation and thus improve productivity.
  • Socializing between team members increases communication by more than 50%
  • People who have a good friend at work are twice as likely to be engaged as those who don’t

High-functioning teams make time to connect and build bonds outside of their usual work environment.  

For those living in Denver or along the Front Range, what better way to do that than to head outside for a fun and productive team-building activity?  There’s only so much that drinking beer or playing kickball can do for team bonding.  Colorado Adventure Center, just 30 minutes west of Denver, offers three great options for you and your team. 

White Water Rafting Team Building

  • Rafting.  Who knew there was great rafting just 30 minutes west of Denver? When in season, rafting can provide a great way for your team to get outside, enjoy the sun and water, and have fun together.  Clear Creek has the closest whitewater rafting to Denver, with beginner to advanced rapids just outside your doorstep.  Rafting season starts in May and typically goes until early August.  Rates start at $69 per person.

Sky Trek Team Building 

  • Sky Trek, an aerial challenge course.  Our newest adventure offers three different levels of obstacles and challenges for you to maneuver, with increasing difficulty as you go higher.  Each level includes a short zip line back to the base area.  You would be hard-pressed to find a better way for 20 to 40 people to individually challenge themselves while also supporting their teammates or colleagues at the same time.  SkyTrek season spans from March through early October. Rates start at $59 per person.

Zip Line Team Building

  • Zip lining.  Have you seen our red zip towers just west of Idaho Springs off of I70?  Yep, that’s us.  And we just so happen to have over a mile of zip lines on our 15 acres of land, most of which you can’t see from the highway.  Some consider zipping one of the closest feelings to flying.  Zip through the trees and over the river multiple times as you and your team get your adrenaline going together.  Like Sky Trek, our zip lining season lasts from March through early October. Rates start at $79 per person.

Book Your Corporate Group Outing with Us

We offer great group rates, lunch for purchase and can also help you book your transportation.  Call us at 877-ZIP-RAFT (877.947.7238) or email us at and we can help you book your next great team-building adventure.