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Colorado Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Beginner Rafting

Our Beginner Whitewater Rafting Trips

River Trip Name Class Min Age Basecamp
Clear Creek 1/3 day beginner 2/3 7 and 50lbs Idaho Springs
Colorado Colorado River Experience 2/3 5 and 50 lbs Glenwood Springs
Arkansas Brown’s Canyon full day 3/4 7 Buena Vista
Arkansas Brown’s Canyon 1/2 day 3/4 7 Buena Vista
Blue River Blue River 1/3 day 2/3 6 Frisco

 Beginner Rafting Information

Beginner Rafting on Clear Creek minutes from DenverBeginner river rafting adventures are a perfect activity for the whole family. Everyone from children (as young as five years old, depending on the water levels) to parents and grandparents will enjoy beginner rafting in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It’s a great way to get the whole family to experience nature and the outdoors while remaining within everyone’s comfort levels.

Beginner Colorado rafting adventures are the perfect outdoor activity for people who are more timid or those who are not as comfortable around water. Remember, river rafting is a lot more then just crazy whitewater. It is wildlife, nature, and history brought to you by knowledgeable, professional guides. All these factors make a day outside in the Colorado Rocky Mountains one you will never forget.

When choosing a Colorado rafting trip you should always keep in mind the ability of every member of your group. It is a good idea to pick an adventure that is geared toward the person with the lowest ability level. Remember, river adventures — even the most mellow experiences — are fun and a great way to introduce the entire family to Colorado’s great outdoors.

Beginner Whitewater Raft trip on the Colorado River

A positive Colorado white water rafting experience can involve excitement as well as wildlife, beautiful views, rich history told by knowledgeable guides and most of all, enjoying a comfortable experience with friends and family. However, Mother Nature did not take into consideration the “perfect whitewater rafting adventure” millions of years ago when she formed the rivers of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Keeping this in mind, it might be necessary to adjust your expectations in order to accommodate everyone.

Colorado River Hot Springs

Because difficulty levels for Colorado white water rafting adventures can vary depending on water levels and weather conditions you will sometimes see two different ratings for an adventure. The rating will often increase (get more difficult) in the early season during peak water flows due to high water levels and cooler weather conditions. High water season can be the best time to raft if you are looking for big adventure. Family Rafting on the Colorado River

High water season in Colorado is typically early to mid-June, peaking around the summer solstice (mid-June). This can differ depending on weather and snowpack. For more detailed information about water levels and weather conditions you can contact our knowledgeable reservations staff at 877-ZIP-RAFT.

Minimum ages are also available to help you find your comfort level. Our minimum ages are not mandatory, they are a guide for you to use when making a decision about the adventure you are choosing. Factors that go into minimum ages include but are not limited to a person’s height, weight, physical ability, mental ability and maturity levels. These factors, along with years of experience taking thousands of guests rafting have gone into setting minimum ages. We reserve the right to refuse service based on a person’s age or ability level. Minimum ages can change based on weather and/or water conditions.

Beginner =
first timers, young children, families
Intermediate =
aggressive first-timers, teens, adults
Advanced =
experienced paddlers looking for an adventure
Expert =
very experienced paddlers only


This is strictly a subjective scale. You can characterize a rapid by class or give a general class to a whole river even though it has several different classes of rapids within it. The class of a rapid or river can change at different water levels. The temperature of the water, the air temperature, the remoteness of the river and the difficulty of a rescue can all influence the rapid’s class.
Class I – Easy. Small riffles. No significant waves or obstacles.

Class II – Novice. Moderate rapids with regular waves, small drops, clear passages and wide channels. Occasional maneuvering may be required.

Class III – Intermediate. Moderately difficult rapids with larger irregular waves, often narrow channels. Complex maneuvering to avoid obstacles required.

Class IV – Advanced. Intense, powerful rapids requiring precise maneuvering in fast, turbulent water. Complex channels with many significant obstacles to be avoided.

Class V – Expert. Extremely long violent or obstructed rapids, often following each other almost without interruption. Drops may have large, unavoidable waves and holes, or steep, congested chutes with difficult routes. Steep gradient.

Class VI – unrunnable

Classifications of river sections may change due to water levels.

For help in choosing a trip or any questions you might have please, call 877-947-7238 and our office personnel will be happy to assist you in putting together a river experience. Or, e-mail us at:

Beginner Rafting Trips

Team Building

Team Building
We offer personalized team building activities for a variety of groups. Whether it’s your family reunion, wedding, club outing, or company retreat, we can design a team adventure for you! Challenging whitewater rafting, thrilling Ziplining and an exciting High Ropes Course are a few of the activities available. Our base camp, located at Glenwood Canyon Resort, offers a variety of lodging options for your stay. Let us bring your group together! Please speak with our Group Specialist about designing an event for you. Book your trip online!

Double Zip

Double Zip
A double blast! Twice the fun of our Express Zip. You’re all geared up and your confidence is soaring high so why not do it again?  Just an extra ten bucks! Cost: $45 Book your trip online!

Zipline Canopy Tour

Zipline Canopy Tour
Soar above the treetops and cross the river three times among wooden towers on this trip that also highlights Idaho Springs’ gold mining history. No experience necessary but be ready to gain some height! The tallest in our eight-tower course is over 65 feet. With over 5,000 feet of zipline cable, you are bound to leave with a smile!
  • Requirements: 48 inches tall and 65 to 250 pounds. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Cost: $89 per person
  • Meeting Time: 45 minutes prior to trip time
  • Meeting Location: Idaho Springs / Dumont
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Clear Creek Zip & Beginner Raft Trip

Clear Creek Zip & Beginner Raft Trip
Zipline Canopy Tour & Beginner Raft Trip Save $20! This trip combines the Clear Creek Zipline Canopy Tour with a Beginner river raft trip on Clear Creek that offers lots of rapids and fun while floating through the historic mining town of Idaho Springs. A wonderful choice for families and large groups with varying abilities. This Clear Creek Special Beginner trip offers the perfect taste of zipping and whitewater, plus includes a delicious riverside lunch!
  • River Class: 2/3
  • Raft Minimum: 7 yrs. / over 50 lbs.
  • Zip Requirements: 48" tall & 65 to 250 lbs. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Cost: $123 per person
  • Trip Times: 11AM, 3PM (raft trip times)
  • Meeting Time: 45 minutes prior to trip time
  • Meeting Location: Idaho Springs
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Glenwood Canyon Downhill Bike Ride

Glenwood Canyon Downhill Bike Ride
Glenwood Canyon Bike Ride Ride 16 miles mostly downhill along the Colorado River in one of the deepest and most beautiful canyons in the state. Hike the famous Hanging Lake Trail or Grizzly Creek, and stop for lunch or dinner at the No Name Bar & Grill located at the Glenwood Canyon Resort, conveniently located right on the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail (No Name Exit 119). Price includes daily bike rental and free shuttle service.
  • Cost: $35 per adult / $25 youth 12 and under
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No Name Special Raft & Zip

No Name Special Raft & Zip
No Name Special Raft & Zip This trip combines exciting whitewater with soaring zipline fun! Join us for a half-day rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Shoshone Rapids and breathtaking beauty of the Glenwood Canyon and thrilling ziplines across the scenic canyon high above the Colorado River. Includes a Fresh Grilled Lunch at the No Name Bar & Grill overlooking the river and canyon. An excellent choice for a day full of fun and adventure! Trips leave daily.
  • Class: 2/3
  • Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Minimum Requirements: 48" tall & 65 to 280 lbs.
  • Cost: $87 per person
  • Trip Times: 9AM (Raft first), 10:30AM (Zip first)
  • Meeting Time: 45 minutes prior to trip time
  • Meeting Location: Glenwood Springs
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Vail Pass Shuttle Downhill Ride

Vail Pass Shuttle Downhill Ride
Vail Pass Downhill Bike Tour Hop a shuttle to the very top of Vail Pass at an elevation of 10,666 feet! The Colorado Rockies rise in every direction totally surrounding you as you ride downhill on a smooth, paved bike path. Trips depart from our convenient location on 6th Ave & Main St. in Frisco, CO.
  • Cost: $35.00 per person includes bike rental, helmet, shuttle service to Vail Pass
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Express Zip Trip

Express Zip Trip
Our professional Zipline staff will greet you and provide a safety briefing and demonstration. Once you’re fitted in your safety harness, gloves and helmet, it’s up the 40" launch tower for a truly unique and thrilling experience. Clip in, step off, and feel the adrenaline rush as you accelerate out over the Colorado River and soar across the river on one of our three zipline cables. Traverse the suspended bridge to the return tower, and soar back across the river for a fun, easy, and exciting zip with a birds-eye view of the spectacular Glenwood Canyon. Reservations recommended.
  • Minimum Requirements: 48" tall & 65 to 280 lbs.
  • Cost: $35 per person
  • Trip Times: AM and PM trips available - Call to Reserve
  • Meeting Time: 30 minutes prior to trip time
  • Meeting Location: Glenwood Springs
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High Adventure Zip

High Adventure Zip
High Ropes Challenge Course, Climbing Wall and Zipline Start your adventure ascending our 40' Climbing Wall (attempt it a few times if you dare!). Then you're on to your next set of challenges on our High Adventure Ropes Course! Our guides will secure you with a belay line as you cross from tower to tower on our Raider Bridge, gain confidence as you reach for the Multi-Vine Ropes and test your balance while crossing the Swinging Steps Bridge. A thrilling zip across the Colorado River (where you'll encounter yet another adventure bridge to cross) and a final zip back completes this perfect adventure! Our rock climbing walls offer the ideal challenge for all ability levels. Kids of all ages (48" tall & 65 to 280 lbs) will enjoy the wide variety of fun features on our Adventure Course. A true family fun activity! Reservations are strongly recommended, as spaces are limited.
  • Minimum Requirements: 48" tall & 65 to 280 lbs
  • Cost: $55 per person
  • Trip Times: 9AM 11:30AM, 2PM, 4:30PM
  • Meeting Time: 30 minutes prior to trip time
  • Meeting Location: Glenwood Springs
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Zip & Leap Trip

Zip & Leap Trip
Zipline/Leap of Faith Combine a screaming zipline ride with our nerve testing Leap of Faith challenge jump! You’ll zip across the canyon, climb the 35 foot tower and leap off, reaching for the trapeze bar suspended in space. What a rush! Conclude your experience with an exciting return zip back across the rushing waters of the Colorado River.  Reservations required.
  • Minimum Requirements: 48" tall & 65 to 280 lbs
  • Cost: $59 per person
  • Trip Times: AM and PM trips available - Call to confirm
  • Meeting Time: 30 minutes prior to trip time
  • Meeting Location:  Glenwood Springs
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